About Dick’s Kitchen

Owner Richard Satnick began Dick’s Kitchen as a way to share the delicious food and recipes he discovered while researching his own nutritional and dietary needs.

While studying the connections between eating habits, inflammation and other metabolism-related disorders, Satnick learned about a variety of diets, ranging from paleo to vegan to gluten-free. While Dick’s Kitchen’s menu favors a paleo diet, Satnick wants all his customers to understand that any diet that cuts down on processed food, sugars, and industrial oils creates healthier people and a healthier planet.

Dick’s Kitchen is, perhaps, the nation’s first diner to systematically and actively incorporate dietary needs into its menu by offering mouthwatering fare made from healthy, humanely raised ingredients. In fact, the servers don’t bat an eyelash when you request a special order or a modification. They encourage it because they know you want to feel good about what you eat.

Dick's four key principles

We Welcome All Eaters

We are fortunate to live in the Pacific Northwest, a climate, ecosystem and community where great food things happen.

Our food tastes so good because our ingredients are from some of the region’s most responsible farmers and food artisans. When your food is sourced from farmers and producers who use sustainable, ethical and humane methods, you know your meal will be tasty and it will make you happy and healthy.

We Believe in Foods That Heal

Our ancestors ate food that was fresh, healthy and local. In a stroke of back-to-the-future modernism, Dick’s Kitchen adds diner-style convenience to that ancestral mix. Enjoy lean, tasty proteins our hunter-gatherer ancestors would have killed for, (and did!), all while doing your body and the planet a favor.

We use just a little salt in our food preparation, and our potatoes are “air-baked” instead of deep-fat fried, and we feature side dishes with nutrient-dense, complex carbohydrates instead of processed carbohydrates with empty calories.

When you eat with us, you’re eating a naturally anti-inflammatory, nutrient-dense meal of high quality proteins and plenty of vegetables, which helps reverse the impact of our modern diet and helps control many conditions, including diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, and other metabolic disorders.

We Offer Inspired Food Choices

Do you have health concerns but also want fresh, healthy, local and innovative food? That’s what we want. At Dick’s Kitchen, our burgers, dogs and sandwiches are made from lean, grass-fed beef, wild-caught salmon, water buffalo or organic turkey or flavorful vegan options. House-made condiments, sides, buns and breads taste like what they’re made of —fresh, local and, in many cases, organic ingredients. We make everything so you can customize your dish to reduce unhealthy fats, sugar and salt while enjoying great flavor.

For a flavor adventure, try the Dork (duck and pork) Burger, the pimento-cheese-topped Elvis Burger, our house-made kim chee or our venison chili.

Don’t eat meat? Not a problem. We’ve got tempeh and Portobello burgers, a tempeh reuben, vegetarian side dishes and our amazing Coconut Bliss vegan “milkshake.”
At Dick’s Kitchen, you don’t have to compromise your standards to have a great meal.

It’s About the Burger

100% Grass-fed Beef. Accept No Substitute!

Dick’s Kitchen has a radical approach to its signature interpretation of the hamburger, America’s favorite food, and that interpretation begins with our meat. We use 100% humanely raised, grass-fed beef, which has a different nutritional profile than industrial beef, containing Omega-3s and micronutrients missing from almost all other burgers.

Choose our signature Carman Ranch 100% grass-fed beef, organic turkey, local water buffalo, wild-caught salmon, free-range tempeh, Portobello or special seasonal burgers. Our burgers are cooked in cast-iron skillets, which imparts more nutrition and flavor to your burger.

Enhance your burger with our house-made, healthy ketchup, mustard and other delightful sauces. And, don’t forget our one-of-a-kind low-gluten sourdough bun.

Wash it down with locally-made Kombucha on tap, a selection of local beers (including gluten-free beer), cane-sugar soda, a classic milkshake or our legendary vegan Coconut Bliss shake.

Our food is about our relationships: With our customers, farmers and the planet.

We strive for genuine sustainability, partnering with local farmers to produce healthy food while ensuring the humane treatment of animals, and helping to create healthy communities both in the city and on the land. Our food purveyors are active in the holistic food movement and proud to share their food with you. At Dick’s Kitchen, you’ll always find a dozen or more local stewards of the land raising and offering you the region’s best seasonal flavors.

Alessio Baking Co.

Sourdough Potato Buns

Alessio is family-owned and operated and offers an array of hand-crafted preservative-free baked goods.

Grand Central Bakery

Rustic White & Artisan Rye Bread

Artisan bread made from local, stone-ground whole wheat flour sustainably grown in the Northwest.

Luna & Larry’s Organic Coconut Bliss

Coconut Bliss

Dedicated to creating unique and exquisitely delicious desserts, consciously prepared from the most nutritious and wholesome organic ingredients available.


Tillamook Cheddar

An award-winning, farmer-owned dairy co-op from Tillamook, Oregon.

Olympic Provisions

Smoked Kiebasa

Sausages and charcuterie handcrafted naturally with the ultimate goal of quality.

Snake River Farms

Kobe Beef Hot Dogs

A family owned business that produces american style Wagyu (Kobe) beef.

Carman Ranch

Natural Grass-fed Beef

Committed to humane treatment, this Oregon ranch produces exceptional 100% grass-fed beef that’s higher in essential Omegas 3 fats and higher in vitamins and minerals.

Pacific Northwest Wild Caught

Coho Salmon

Flavor this robust only comes from line-caught wild Alaskan salmon.

Nicky USA

Carefully Selected Regional Products

A local and sustainable purveyor of regional and exotic meats.

Draper Valley

Chicken Breasts

Their Chicken is 100% all natural, humanely raised in a stress free environment.

Rogue Creamery

Oregon Blue Cheese

In Central Point, Oregon. The Vella family creates award-winning, artisan cheeses.

Surata Soyfoods

Organic Tempeh

Hailing from Eugene, Oregon, Surata Soyfoods uses only organic, non-GMO ingredients.

Diestel Turkey

Organic Turkey

This family ranch in Sonora, California, raises free-range turkeys without antibiotics or hormones.

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